Main focus of the BioHackathon this year is semantic interoperability and standardization of bioinformatics data and Web services.

Topics may cover the following domains, but are not limited to:

  • Web applications and interoperability (DDBJ/UniProt, SADI, TogoGenome, Schema.org etc.)
  • Generation and standardization of RDF data (Open Bio* tools, SIO, FALDO, Identifiers.org etc.)
  • Text-mining, NLP and ontology mapping (LODQA, BioPortal, NanoPublication etc.)
  • Quality assessment of SPARQL endpoints (availability, contents, CORS etc.)
  • Standardization of RDF data in specific domains (NGS, Proteome and Glycoinformatics etc.)

During the hackathon, group activities will be recorded in a Wiki site. Please create sub-categorized pages and log your activities as much as possible.